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What is conversion rate and why is it important?


The goal of all online businesses is to make money. How is this revenue come from? Any action that leads to the process of converting a visitor to a client leads to a conversion rate, and the higher the conversion rate is, the success of your site. Great conversion rate equal you try to buy website traffic and One of the main ideas about the rate of conversion is the use of comments from site users that they set for your purpose. This article will introduce you to the conversion rate and its importance, how to optimize the conversion rate and one of the tools to improve Conversion Rate.

How is the conversion rate calculated?

What is your ultimate goal of designing a site or designing a store? How is the conversion rate calculated on the store site?

The conversion rate is the ratio of the number of conversions to the total number of visitors to the site. For example, if a site visited a site in 200 and 50 of them would purchase from the site, the conversion rate would be 200/200 (that is, 25%). 
"Conversion" can be any action or action that you want visitors to the site to pay for it. This operation can be anything like a simple click on a part of the site to do online shopping from the site. 
Each app and website usually define several different goals as "conversions", each of which has its own conversion rate.

How to improve conversion rates?

In the process of targeting, calculating the conversion rates, and optimizing the site or application to improve the conversion rate, they are called conversion rate optimization or CRO.

The CRO starts with theorizing about the reasons why visitors are not converting.

Then, you should find and implement methods that improve the situation. Here we have to review the methods implemented through the A / B Testing process.

In this way, two different versions of a page compare to each other to determine which version has a better performance. A useful approach to discussing UX, UI is card sorting. In this plan, your target route is separated into separate processes, and the various parts of the process are identified on several cards and are available to a small community of users.

Users determine the order of the cards based on their opinion and who prefer to target the destination. Each type of arrangement that has higher statistics is selected as the main route of the target. It is not bad to know that on most sites, the product purchase process has the most drop in customers, and if you upgrade in this process, even if users of your site are not increasing, the statistics of old users will increase to new customers.

This process is one of the main points in website design and should be considered in the design of the professional site.

Why the conversion rate is very important?

Conversion tracking lets you measure site performance and specific pages.

Knowing exactly what percentage of site visitors the site, so you are looking for, can help measure the success of the site and find out the areas that need to be improved. 
Improving the conversion rate helps you increase the site's sales without increasing the amount of Targeted web traffic. For example, if you spend $ 1000 on a $ 1000 ad spend on 500 hits, you'll increase the $ 1,000 value you paid if you improved the conversion rate. You can then lower the cost of advertising and have the same amount of return.


Conversion rate optimization in practice

A real case study of CRO is described in the case study of ComScore, an analyst company.

At the start of the target company, they made their own products page, set the conversion rate, and then made a test based on various ideas to improve the conversion rate. The theory that they proposed was that if customers' comments displayed on the home page, they would increase the confidence of visitors and improve the conversion rate.

They also looked at the page that included the company logo and their comments about the site. Through this test, it became clear that a page displaying the logo and customer feedback was 69% better than the home page.

It is a clear example of how a company could improve its conversion rate by assessing the current status of the site and performing various tests.

Upgrade your site conversion rate with Optimizely

Optimizely is one of the leading platforms in the field of A / B testing and processes for improving conversion rates. Install Optimizely is very easy and just have Javascript code on your site.

When Optimizely is enabled, you can easily edit the code with no need for coding through its image editor.

Run tests is simply a click. Optimizely automatically displays various versions of the pages to visitors.

Once the experiment is activated, Optimizely will let you know when the statistics are collected sufficiently and can tell with confidence whether the changes made improve the conversion rate. 
Best of all, it's free to be Optimizely. You can now activate it on the site.


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