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The Only SEO Strategy You Need in 2019


Given the highly competitive world today, the key to winning and progressing in different business areas is to be seen and recognized by users. You need to know the SEO and content marketing strategies for having a powerful website in Google searches and be creative to implement them on your site. In this article, we will introduce you to the SEO strategy in 11 steps to improve the position of keywords and increase site traffic.

-Find the keyword "goal".

In this article, we will try several steps that will help you to rank your keywords on Google by doing them:

- Find an Opportunity Keyword

What does this mean? The importance of being ranked on Google is not like the former. In fact, Google's behavior has changed over many keywords. For example, look at the search result for the word SEO Tools.

Like many other search results, it's at the top of the AdWords page.

With a feature snippet section at the bottom:

Then the address of the site is ranked one:

For this reason, you need to be familiar with Opportunity Keywords.

Opportunity keywords or applied keywords are keywording that have high clickthrough rates or organic CTRs. Now let's take an example of Opportunity Keywords. SEO Audit is one of those key words. Of course, this means the ads Google is:

Which is, of course, normal and good. Edwards are more likely to be higher than commercial intentions, but the important thing about this statement was that, apart from other advertising, there are no distraction factors.

You can also calculate the click rate using the Ahref tool:


For example, when the SEO Audit phrase is checked in the Ahrefs tool, 61% of the searchers click on results that are good statistics:

- Check the Google home page

Now that you have found the right keywords, you should see what methods have been used in the sentences. To do this, simply type your word in Google.

In the image below, the word Paleo dessert is considered.

Now you must examine the first 10 results of the search and note the pattern of their sentences.

For example, the results obtained in the search for "SEO Tools" are listed as a list of these tools:

So, it's best to list your keywords in the list.

-Create a different or even better content

In content, there will be two options in front of us: 
1) Create content that is different from the content of others.

2) Generate better content than others.

but how? In the following, we'll get more familiar with these tips.

How to be different:

Sometimes you want to make bigger and better content than the ones available, while with just the most different content, you'll get a better result. Because different content will be more visible.

For example, if you intend to write content about a mobile traffic from device, just search the phrase in Google and you will see that all results are "targeted mobile traffic

It's possible to create a larger post with more content on "150 Web site optimization methods for mobile", but it will not be good for us. But by creating completely new content with different phrases, it can be better seen. A phrase like "the main guide to optimizing a mobile website" can be a good alternative to the previous duplicate topic. By doing this, we will surely have more hits and more feedback. It even increases the number of text bell clicks.

How to be better

Sometimes you can also compete with content from other sites with better and more complete content. If there are titles of "10 or 20 top SEO tools," the list of the top 180 tools can be much stronger.

- Use traps in your content

If you want your website to rank well in 2019, you need a link backlink. But the question is, how to get backlinks.

First you need to find out which people are linking to the content related to your work area. (The same thing is known as a trap). Then use the trap in your content. This trap can include content that users pay more attention to, you can generate content for content using content creation methods. For example, content that includes statistics is more relevant.

This section examines the many applications that are currently being used as traps

1) New Strategies and Approaches

What the blogger and author are interested in writing content is by creating content and, of course, new sentences and sentences have created the trap very simply.

2) Create a complete guide

By creating articles that provide complete guidance for a item, it will definitely become telephony, as most websites do not have time to create such content and, of course, use links to these content to further study their users.

3) Research results

Applying these things in content will attract a lot of clichés. But in order to achieve this, you must finally make a definite result. So, if you check several different things and have not achieved any particular results, then surely the users will not find their results and will not link to your content, of course.


Optimize your content for the On-Page SEO

At this point, you must optimize your content for good SEO by using the appropriate keywords. In the following, we will review 3 strategies for the On-page SEO:

1) Internal Linking

Maybe you're wondering, but this kind of linking is still functional, though if it's done correctly. The use of internal link is when we intend to link to popular pages of our site to pages with low hits.

2) Use keywords in short URLs

According to surveys, short URLs have more feedback than long URLs.

3) Segregation of Semantic SEO

Conceptual SEO means that you find the terms and concepts associated with your keywords and apply them to your content. Look at the image below, by entering your keyword, Google will find the concepts and related phrases and show them in the results.

Also, search for your keyword in Google and go to the bottom of the page.

In this section you can also find items related to your keyword.

- Perform site optimization as user-centric

This is called the so-called "skyscraper" technique. To create content, if users put their goal in the top priority and leave them behind them, you can better meet them. For example, note the tips in your content that most users are looking for. Updating the content and, of course, expressing it in the article itself will act as a good trap.

- Make your content look nice and enjoyable

Choosing the right design is the most important step in creating the content. You may have provided quality content, but its appearance is as follows:

Such content would be inappropriate, so it's time and cost to design the site and the appearance of its content. Here are four types of video content that can be easily implemented.

1) Chart and Table

This is so much about the content that we suggest placing a chart or table in each of your posts, because the content of the content will be much easier to understand because of the visibility of the content.

Users may also use your table and charts in their content and, of course, link to your page as well.

2) Pictures

Make your content more tangible with images and even screenshots. The video guide will be more appealing to your content. Using the screenshot, you can add a user at all stages of learning a topic.

3) Blog post banner

Images that are selected as post banners do not just follow a specific goal, it's just good, attractive, and, of course, relevant to content.

The banner can be placed in a large sized image at the beginning of the text or a small image next to the page. This will vary according to the taste and policy of each business.

4) Graphic and illustration

This case is also very similar to the table and charts, with the difference that there is no need to create a fancy and complex image. Look at the picture below. It's easier to say the things in the first picture with the imposition of them on the image (second image).

8. Link to your content

In order to do this, consider three of the following application strategies:

1) Creating a link by finding broken links

If you find broken or old content or links on a website, you can suggest your content as an alternative to the other party. By sending an email to the website's support, please explain to them the content of your application and suggest adding the link to your page.

2) Review competitors

Although this method is a bit old, it is still functional. By reviewing their content and clichés in it, you should try to use more content in your content. Of course, you should be careful to attract Backlinks from sites that bring value to them.

3) Find target contacts

You can find more links by finding the right audience. To do this, you need to find content on your topic and see who has shared this content. Then by sending an email to these users, they will also see their content, which will link your page as soon as you see it.

- Improve your content and always update it

This will have an amazing effect on your content. For old content you do not need to post a new post regarding the same subject. You just must replace old stuff in the same post with images, strategy and content. By doing this, more traffic will flow to your site.

- Increase the reputation of your website's name

Domain validity is very effective on-site SEO. The more you get more credentials, the more links you'll receive, which will appear faster on Google's homepage. There are 3 ways to increase the credentials of the domain name:

1) Content sharing

Visibility is the key to success! Boost your website with targeted web traffic. And get more share and link to it, the better. To do this, ask your colleagues to share content with you on their social networking sites, which will certainly increase the number of visits.

2) Reviewing important studies and information obtained from them in the content

We explained in detail in step 4 completely.

3) Having a guest post, interviewing and introducing yourself further

Share your posts on all the famous websites that are referred to as the guest's post. An important issue is to introduce yourself to the community in any way possible, including participating in seminars, interviews, and raising your worth.

Create a forum or forum on your site

It is believed that users' comments are not directly effective on Google's rank, but having an association on the site will indirectly help SEO. Respond to user comments. Of course, controversial responses will make people engage more with you, making the number of comments more likely. This will have a great impact on site SEO and improve it.


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